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In partnership with Online-Writings.com, we organize workshops and webinars for prospective students who want to get prepared for the admission process. The experts will walk you through the whole admission procedure that is typical for any school and guide you on the aspects that are peculiar to law schools. You will receive advice on how to present yourself to the admission officers, prepare your admission application, and complete the process duly. Sign up to participate in the next scheduled session!

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 Current Data & Statistics

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Behind the Data

LSAC combined three years of law school applicant data with seven years of data from The Freshman Survey (available through UCLA’s Cooperative Institutional Research Program) to examine how US college students’ backgrounds, experiences, and goals affected their decision to apply to ABA law school. Overall, 37% of the ABA law school applicants expressed an interest in law as freshmen. The accompanying chart, which breaks down the ABA law school applicant pool by race/ethnicity and gender, shows the distribution of those interested in law as freshmen varies by subgroup. For example, 50% of African American female applicants expressed an interest in law when they were US college freshmen.

Future JD Students

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Future LLM Students

LLM applicants follow a different process than other law school applicants. We provide tools and resources to help guide you.

Diversity in Law School

Candidates from diverse backgrounds and the LGBT community may have additional questions about applying to law school. We can help you find the answers.