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Saturday Sabbath Observers

If you observe a Saturday Sabbath, you may take the LSAT on other days of the week, usually Monday, or during the June administration. You may register for a Saturday Sabbath observers administration online, but a reporting hold will be placed on your file and no admission ticket will be available until LSAC receives a letter written on official stationery from your minister or rabbi confirming your religious affiliation. The letter must be received by the late registration deadline for the test date. If it is not received by that deadline, your registration will be rescinded, your test fee refunded, and you will not be able to test on that date. Once you submit the letter, it is valid as long as your file remains active, and it will not have to be resubmitted. Letters may be mailed to:

Test Administration
PO BOX 2000-T
Newtown PA 18940

or faxed to 215.968.1277.

The submission of a fraudulent letter will be treated as misconduct or an irregularity.

Saturday Sabbath administrations are not disclosed. Saturday Sabbath observers may request that LSAC establish a nonpublished test center.

LSAC policy stipulates that once you test on a Saturday Sabbath observers test date, you will not be permitted to subsequently register for a regular (Saturday) LSAT administration. If you later attempt to register for a regular administration of the LSAT, LSAC will automatically reassign your registration to the Saturday Sabbath observers administration, provided there is a testing center within 100 miles of your requested site. Otherwise, your registration will be canceled and a full refund issued.

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