Electronic Applications

Your LLM Credential Assembly Service $75 Document Assembly fee includes electronic application processing for participating LSAC-member law schools.

IMPORTANT: You should register and pay for the LLM Credential Assembly Service at least four to six weeks before your first law school application deadline. It takes approximately two weeks to process a US transcript or letter of recommendation from the time it is received by LSAC. Transcripts from non-US institutions may take longer.

To get started:

  • After logging in to your LSAC.org account, search for LLM programs that interest you and add them to your list on the homepage of your LSAC account.
  • Click on the name of each program in your list to access its application and other information.

Make sure to follow all of the program's requirements, including application fee payment. Some programs require additional materials that are listed only in the law school's catalog or on its website. Some law schools may change their fees or requirements during the year. Check each law school's website or catalog to make sure your application materials are complete and on time. You are responsible for the accuracy of your law school applications and for completing them according to the deadlines set by each LLM program. Carefully check your completed applications before electronically sending them to LSAC or mailing them to the schools.