Requesting Transcripts

After you register for LLM CAS, have your required transcripts sent only once directly to LSAC by the registrar of each undergraduate and graduate institution you attended. You must use LSAC's Transcript Request Forms for this purpose; these forms will be available only after you register for LLM CAS and enter your academic institution information. If you have records from education completed outside of the United States, all of your attested documents from the issuing institution or government agency must be submitted in the original language. If the transcripts or other required documents are not in English, a translation must be included.

If you are in the process of completing your degree, you should arrange for a transcript of all available grades to be sent to LSAC. When you have completed your degree, you will have to arrange for the final transcript to be sent to LSAC.

Depending on the origin of your first degree in law you must also follow the requirements for Graduates of US Law Schools or Graduates of Non-US Law Schools.

Transcripts issued to you or sent to LSAC by you will not be processed. We require an official transcript (mark sheets) from the issuing institution to be mailed to LSAC in a sealed institution envelope. If an international institution issues only one "original" to the student, then LSAC will accept a certified copy of the transcript, but it must be certified by the issuing institution as a true and correct copy of the original. The official stamp/seal of the institution must be placed over the sealed flap of the envelope.

Include transcripts from

  • community colleges,
  • bachelor's and graduate institutions,
  • law/medical/professional institutions,
  • institutions attended for summer or evening courses, and
  • institutions attended even though a degree was never received.

Transcripts must be sent from institutions even if

  • credit was transferred from an institution and it appears on another institution's transcript;
  • the institution has closed (These transcripts are usually maintained by the department of higher education or by another school in the state in which the school was located, so you will need to contact the state's department of higher education. For international transcripts, contact the Ministry of Education or similar government agency in the country where the institution was located.);
  • "Withdraw," "Incomplete," and so on, are the only grades listed; or
  • you have just enrolled (Request that the registrar's office send a transcript of courses "in progress" or a statement of current enrollment and the anticipated date of completion. The document must bear the official registrar's seal.).

Transcripts received by LSAC, and copies thereof, cannot be returned to the applicant or provided to any third party, including bar examiners. Because LSAC is not the issuing institution, we have no authority to make copies of your credentials available to any party other than law schools that participate in the LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service and request your credentials. LSAC reserves the right to request further documentation from you or verification directly from your institution(s).

How to Have Transcripts Sent

The Transcript Request Form should be printed out at the completion of your LLM CAS registration and should accompany the transcript(s) being sent by your institution(s) to LSAC. Each form is prepopulated with your information and the institution's information.

Send the Transcript Request Form to each of the postsecondary institutions you have attended, regardless of whether or not a degree was completed, and ask each of them to complete the form and return it to us by mail, together with your official transcript. Include institutions you have visited for a semester or summer abroad. All official documents must be received in a sealed institution envelope. Documents issued to the student are unacceptable. When using an express mail service, the sealed envelope must be contained inside of the express mailer. Loose documents inserted directly into an express mailer without a sealed envelope will not be accepted.

An English translation is required for all transcripts, mark sheets, and related education records for education completed outside of the US. The translation need not be certified. Anyone may do the translating, as long as it is a literal translation. It may be sent under separate cover, and it need not come from the institution providing the transcript. It is your responsibility to provide us with the English translation. LSAC does not offer a translation service. If you have no copy of the transcript from which to produce the English translation, we suggest that you order two originals from your institution—one to be sent to LSAC, and one for you to use as a reference for the English translation.

NOTE: If your institution offers the option to print transcripts in either the native language or in English, you should order both, as we will still require the native language transcript from the institution, even if the English version is received on letterhead from the institution. If you use the services of a professional translator, that person must sign the translated copy and include contact information.

All instructions under Graduates of US Law Schools or Graduates of Non-US Law Schools must be followed depending on the origin of your first degree in law.

Inability to Obtain Transcripts

If you are unable to obtain transcripts from an institution due to an outstanding financial obligation, you must indicate this when registering for the LLM Credential Assembly Service. LSAC will not be able to produce any law school reports for you unless we receive an official transcript from the institution where you earned your first degree in law.

Updating Your Transcript Information

You should have official transcripts sent to LSAC for any additional academic work completed after your initial law school reports have been sent to law schools by LSAC. This information will be incorporated into your file, and updated transcript reports will be sent to the law schools as long as their reporting term is still current.

Transcripts should be mailed to:

LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service
662 Penn Street
PO BOX 8511
Newtown PA 18940-8511

If using express or courier service, you may omit "PO BOX 8511."