Graduates of US Law Schools

It is your responsibility, and we urge you, to begin the process of requesting transcripts well in advance of your LLM application deadlines. All transcripts should list the courses taken, semester hours, and grades.

NOTE: You need not wait for your law school report to be completed by LSAC before you begin submitting applications.

In addition to the information provided in Requesting Transcripts, please note the additional information for any of the following scenarios that apply to you.

  • If you attend(ed) a JD program in the United States, and the school(s) to which you are applying requires you to use LSAC's LLM CAS Document Assembly Service, then you must have your law school transcript(s) sent to LSAC. After you register for the Document Assembly Service, you will be able to print a Transcript Request Form. Send the form to your law school registrar to be completed and returned to us by mail together with your official transcript.
  • If you are in the process of completing your JD degree, you must arrange for a transcript of all available grades to be sent to LSAC. Later, when you have completed your degree, you must arrange for the final transcript to be sent to LSAC, at which time we will update your report free of charge.
  • If you received your undergraduate degree from an institution outside the United States, individual law schools may require that you submit to LSAC all of your attested documents from the issuing institution or government agency, as well as the English translations. If required by any law schools to which you are applying, an official transcript (mark sheet), in the native language and in a sealed institution envelope, must be sent to LSAC by the institution for all institutions, degrees, or coursework listed in your education profile. All instructions in the Requesting Transcripts section must be followed.
  • For programs of study still in progress, and for which no grades are yet available, we require written confirmation from the institution of your current enrollment, expected completion date, and the fact that no grades are available. This also must be mailed to LSAC in a sealed institution envelope. These transcripts will not be evaluated, but copies will be sent with the law school report to the law schools to which you apply. Some schools may require only your transcript(s) for completed coursework leading to your JD degree.

Once LSAC has received all of your records, your transcript file will be considered complete and ready for reporting. If you completed any degree programs or coursework after earning your JD degree, and those transcripts were not a part of your record at the time of your initial report, an updated report including copies of those transcripts will be forwarded only after all transcripts are received by LSAC.

If you are applying to law schools that require your class rank, you should ask your institution to include a statement of rank with the transcript that they mail to us. This may be a statement of the fact that your institution does not use a system of class rank.