Graduates of Non-US Law Schools

International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service

LLM CAS authentication and evaluation is a convenient and efficient processing service for international documents used in the law school application process. Some law schools require use of LSAC's authentication and evaluation service, while it is optional for other law schools.

To determine if you are eligible to apply to a participating LLM program, use the Minimum Degree Requirements by Country chart to locate the country in which you obtained (or will obtain) your law degree. These eligibility requirements apply to most law schools that participate in LLM CAS. If either your degree or your country of study is not listed in the chart, please contact the law school(s) of interest to you to confirm eligibility. In some countries, the names of these degrees are changing. What most LLM CAS–participating law schools require is a law degree that allows you to practice law in the country where you obtained your first degree in law.

Note that we list only the minimum requirements. Applicants are expected to present all postsecondary education, including work completed prior to and after the minimum degree listed, if required by the law school. Any omission of required education history could delay the review of your credentials and, thereby, delay our report to the law schools.

Applicants who have received (or will receive) their law degrees from Puerto Rico need only register for the Document Assembly Service.

How It Works

LSAC, in cooperation with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), will authenticate and process all academic records and related documentation required by the law schools to which you are applying. This includes transcripts/mark sheets, copies of degrees/diplomas, and degree and graduation certificates. Our evaluators will carefully review your documents and create a report designed to help the US law schools better understand your credentials. Copies of all transcripts and related academic records will be included with our report to the law schools. Class rank may be included when an official statement is received on letterhead from the institution, or when it is included on the official transcript.

You must register for the LLM CAS International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service if

  • you are applying to a law school that requires LLM CAS authentication and evaluation, and
  • you received your first degree in law from an institution outside the United States.

You need not register for LLM CAS if

  • all of the coursework for your first degree in law was completed outside the United States, and
  • you are not applying to a school that requires LLM CAS authentication and evaluation.

You may wish to register for LLM CAS if

  • all of the coursework for your first degree in law was completed outside the United States, and
  • you are not applying to a school that requires LSAC's authentication and evaluation, but
  • you wish to use LSAC's LLM CAS letter of recommendation or electronic application services. In that case, you need register only for the Document Assembly Service.

Please read Requesting Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation before registering for any LLM CAS service.

Credential evaluation takes approximately two to three weeks. During peak processing periods, it takes longer. There may be further delay if we need to request additional information in order to complete the review. You are urged to begin the process of ordering your academic records well in advance of your application deadlines.

Required Transcripts

Transcripts are required from your law school and from any other college or university you have attended that contributed to your first degree in law. Some US law schools might require all postsecondary transcripts. Transcripts may also be known as mark sheets, grade sheets, course records, academic records, or examination results, and may include diploma and diploma supplement, degree certificate, graduation certificate, and first state exam certificate. All transcripts should list the courses taken, semester hours, and grades.

It is not necessary to have secondary institution transcripts sent to LSAC. Secondary education information is collected solely for verification purposes.

All instructions in the Requesting Transcripts section must be followed.

No World Education Service (WES) or other outside evaluations will be considered for review. Our evaluators will provide their own report based on a thorough review of your official institution-issued documents. We reserve the right to request further documentation from you or verification directly from the institution. Once LSAC has received all of your documents, please allow a minimum of 10 to 15 business days for a report to be completed, provided no additional documentation is needed.

Some schools may require only your transcript(s) for completed coursework leading to your first degree in law. Once LSAC has received all of these records, your file will be forwarded to AACRAO for evaluation. Any degree programs or coursework completed after earning your first degree in law, that were not a part of your record at the time of your initial evaluation, will be evaluated by AACRAO only after ALL of your remaining transcripts are received by LSAC.

Applicants who have earned one or more of the following degrees or diplomas are required to submit copies of them, together with the English translations. We reserve the right to request copies of other degrees not listed.

  • Abogado
  • DEA
  • DEUG
  • Licence en droit
  • Maitrise en droit
  • Licenciado [or Grado] en derecho

Applicants educated in the People's Republic of China are required to submit the following documents in order for an LSAC evaluation to be completed:

  • Official Degree Certificates (Zhuanke, Bachelor's, Master's, and so on) and Graduation Diplomas in Chinese for all programs undertaken, along with a complete and literal English translation of each.
  • Official college or university academic record (transcript) in Chinese showing all courses and grades for all years of study, along with a complete and literal English translation.

NOTE: The academic record must be issued by the institution's central administrative office responsible for preparing and verifying official student records. Documents issued by an individual academic department or by a notary public are not considered official.

Reevaluation of Credentials

If you find an error on your law school report, print the report, circle the error, and write the correct information on the report. Mail the corrected report and accompanying explanation to:

Law School Admission Council
LLM Credential Assembly Service
662 Penn Street
PO BOX 8511
Newtown PA 18940-8511

You will be notified of the outcome of LSAC's review of your corrections.

NOTE: What may look like an error to you could be the result of a policy or procedure the law schools have asked us to implement. For more information, call 215.968.1315 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm ET.