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The Law School Forums are provided to prospective law students as a public service by Law School Admission Council and member law schools. The forums are designed to provide information on the diversity of legal education and careers. Schools participating in the forums reflect that diversity and should make every effort to ensure that attendees are not discouraged from talking with specific law school representatives or from seeking information from a variety of schools. All law school representatives should treat other law school representatives and candidates with respect at all times.

Forum attendees who are contacted by schools after a forum should be provided with accurate information about admission procedures and standards, so they may better understand their chances of being accepted. If possible, application and financial aid deadlines should be provided as well as other information concerning the admission cycle.

A Law School Admission Council information table will be set up at each forum. Questions concerning general issues such as test registration, LSAT/LSDAS fees, the forum videotapes, live workshops, statistical, and other information about the LSAT should be referred to the person staffing the information table. A full-length, simulated LSAT with answer sheet is included with the materials distributed to each attendee.

Questions about other schools present at a forum should be referred to that school's representative. If the school is not a forum participant, questions should be directed to the Law School Admission Council information table.

In an effort not to inconvenience or interfere with any of the forum law school representatives, recruitment must be limited to designated table areas. Representatives may not solicit attendees in public areas. Attendees are assigned a five-digit identifier, and schools are urged to record the numbers rather than asking attendees to complete an information card. With the advent of forum pre-registration in 2003, participating schools may contact pre-registrants in advance of the forums. Information regarding all forum attendees, as requested in the forum registration process, will be available to participating schools within two weeks of each forum for recruiting purposes.

Smoking will be permitted in designated smoking areas only.

To maintain reasonable noise levels please do not use audio or visual displays. Electrical outlets will not be available. It is also requested that schools not use displays that might block any surrounding tables, including table displays taller than one foot and floor displays.

Each school will have a six-foot table (unless otherwise noted) and two chairs as well as a sign with the school name and number. Because of space limitations, schools must limit the representation at their table to no more than three representatives at any one time.

Certain marketing practices demean the quality and integrity of the forums. Attendees come to the forums for informational brochures and catalogs that will assist them in choosing a law school. Schools are not permitted to distribute promotional materials such as pens, pencils, bags, candy, etc., nor are they permitted to conduct raffles for prizes, or to sell items at their table as they distract from the educational aspect of the activity. In order to insure that all candidates have access to all law schools participating in a forum, individual schools should not plan or promote recruitment events that conflict with forum hours. In addition, as stated in the Statement of Good Admission and Financial Aid Practices, recruitment activities should not include unreasonable and unfounded comparisons with other law schools. The use of surveys and rankings that purport to compare the quality of law schools may be misleading to applicants, and, for that reason, is discouraged. Finally, outside vendors, test preparation consultants, and other marketing agencies are not permitted to distribute information, sell items, or solicit clients or law school representatives at the forum sites. Questions about suitable marketing practices should be directed to Law School Admission Council staff.

A map of school locations is given to attendees. Some schools may wish to use school banners. These can be attached to the tablecloths. Forum sites do not permit displays/banners to be hung on the walls or pillars. Valuable materials should not be left overnight at tables.

Each school should provide staffing at its table for the entire forum period. Attendees coming to the forums wish to speak directly to school representatives knowledgeable about program and admission requirements. If it is necessary to leave the school table, please leave a note indicating the time of return. If school representatives must depart the forum early, please inform the Law School Admission Council information table.

If you plan on using alumni or students to help in staffing your table, please make sure that they are informed about these guidelines.

These guidelines represent the consensus of the members of the 1985 Programs, Education and Prelaw Committee which recommended these guidelines after extensive discussion in March 1985 and further revised the guidelines in October 1985. The guidelines were reviewed and revised by the LSAC Services and Programs Committee in March 1991. The guidelines were reviewed and revised by the LSAC Recruitment Issues Subcommittee in February 1997 and by the Services and Programs Committee in April 1997, in March 2000, in March 2001, and in March 2003.

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