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Accommodated Test Taker Trends and Performance for the June 1993 through February 1998 LSAT Administrations (TR-01-04)
Analysis of Differential Prediction of Law School Performance by Racial/Ethnic Subgroups Based on the 1996-1998 Entering Law School Classes (TR-00-02)
Are Other Things Essentially Equal? An Empirical Investigation of the Consequences of Including Race as a Factor in Law School Admission
Beyond FYA: Analysis of the Utility of LSAT Scores and UPGA for Predicting Academic Success in Law School (RR-99-05)
Crafting an Incoming Law School Class: Preliminary Results (RR-99-01)
Discrepant LSAT Subscores (RR-93-01)
Employment Patterns of Law School Graduates (RR-00-01)
Factors in Performance on the Law School Admission Test (SR-93-04)
Final Report: LSAC Skills Analysis Law School Task Survey (CT-02-02)
Juggling It All: Exploring Lawyers' Work, Home, and Family Demands and Coping Strategies (RR-00-02)
Law School Admissions, 1985 to 1995, Assessing the Effect of Application Volume (RR-97-02)
LSAC National Longitudinal Bar Passage Study (NLBPS)
On Testing for Assumption Recognition (SR-97-01)
Predictive Validity of Accommodated LSAT Scores (TR-01-01)
Predictive Validity of the LSAT: A National Summary of the 1995-1996 Correlation Studies (TR-97-01)
Program of Research on Legal Writing: Phase II: Research on a Writing Exercise (RR-96-01)
The Road to Law School and Beyond: Examining Challenges to Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Legal Profession (RR-02-01)
Speed as a Variable on the LSAT and Law School Exams (RR-03-03)
Summary of Self-Reported Methods of Test Preparation by LSAT Takers for Testing Years 1991-1992 Through 1996-1997 (TR-97-02)
The Threat to Diversity in Legal Education: An Empirical Analysis of the Consequences of Abandoning Race as a Factor in Law School Admission Decisions
University of Alberta Admissions Policy Research Project
The Validity of Law School Admission Test Scores for Repeaters: A Replication (TR-98-05)
Who Gets the App? Explaining Law School Application Volume, 1993 to 1996 (RR-97-03)

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