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LSAC Volume Summary - Admitted Applicants by Ethnic and Gender Group

The current volume summary of admitted applicants by ethnic and gender group is available below. However, due to significant changes in data collection methods, race/ethnicity data collected after 2009 are not directly comparable to prior data. Data from 2000–2009 are still available but have been archived separately.

  • 2000–2009 Summary of Admitted Applicants by Ethnic and Gender Group
Admitted Applicant Group Fall
All 60,400
Summary of Admitted Applicants
American Indian/Alaska Native 270
Asian 4,420
Black/African American 4,290
Caucasian/White 39,570
Hispanic/Latino 3,590
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 60
Puerto Rican 910
Canadian Aboriginal 10
Two or More Races/Ethnicities 2,300
% from specific minority group 22%
Female 27,610
% change from prior year 1.6%
Male 32,560
% change from prior year 5.1%
  • Final end-of-year counts of admitted applicants to ABA-approved law schools
  • Volumes rounded to nearest ten (all admitted applicants rounded to nearest hundred)
  • % Change from prior year computed on unrounded counts

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