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LSAC Volume Summary - Matriculants by Ethnic and Gender Group

The current volume summary of matriculants by ethnic and gender group is available below. However, due to significant changes in data collection methods, race/ethnicity data collected after 2009 are not directly comparable to prior data. Data from 2000–2009 are still available but have been archived separately.

  • 2000–2009 Summary of Matriculants by Ethnic and Gender Group
Matriculant Group Fall
All 49,700
Summary of Matriculating Students
American Indian/Alaska Native 220
Asian 3,530
Black/African American 3,560
Caucasian/White 32,750
Hispanic/Latino 3,020
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 50
Puerto Rican 790
Canadian Aboriginal 4
Two or More Races/Ethnicities 1,900
% from specific minority group 22%
Female 22,790
% change from prior year -0.5%
Male 26,800
% change from prior year 3.4%
  • Final end-of-year counts of matriculants to an ABA-approved law school
  • Volumes rounded to nearest ten (all matriculants rounded to nearest hundred)
  • % Change from prior year computed on unrounded counts

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