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Diversity Initiatives Fund General Grants Guidelines

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To Apply

Contact Angela Ross, Administrative Assistant, Diversity Initiatives Office, LSAC:

Phone: 215.968.1338

Purpose of Grants

In recognition of the Law School Admission Council's (LSAC) commitment to diversity in legal education and in the legal profession, LSAC created the Diversity Initiative Fund to develop, support, and finance projects that will increase the enrollment of minority students in law school programs. Proposals are invited, and unsolicited proposals are accepted, for projects that encourage underrepresented groups to pursue legal education and to increase the enrollment and success of minority students in law school. LSAC expects that grants will be used to make a positive impact in an area consistent with the mission of LSAC, as outlined in its Strategic Plan and Charge Statement on Good Works.


Grants will be awarded only to institutions, not to individuals. Members of the LSAC Board of Trustees, the Diversity Committee or its subcommittees, and persons who have been members of one or more of these bodies within one year of the application deadline are not eligible to apply on behalf of any institution of which they are a member.


The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is an organization composed of many member law schools. The grant review committee believes that projects will have greater impact if they involve multiple stakeholders. In general, successful proposals will be collaborative in nature, involving more than one law school and possibly strategic partnerships with bar associations, schools, and other organizations.


Replicability of innovative programs is highly desirable. LSAC generally requires that applicants waive any intellectual property rights for LSAC-funded programs.

Oversight and Evaluation

To ensure the effectiveness of funded projects, LSAC may assign a staff member, volunteer, or professional to offer guidance and provide oversight of project activities. LSAC is particularly interested in measurable outcomes and deliverables; it generally will not fund programs that cannot be effectively evaluated.

Deadlines and Review

There are two proposal deadlines each year: June 1 and January 1. The approval process requires review by the LSAC Diversity Committee and the LSAC Board of Trustees and is completed within six months.

Grant Amounts

There is no set maximum amount for these grants. A budget for the program and for the funds requested (advertising, transportation, telephone outreach, materials, etc.), with detailed justifications and assumptions, must be provided. LSAC will not support indirect cost recovery for central university systems.

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