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Diversity Initiatives Grant Programs

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) earmarks a portion of its funds to promote broad-based diversity in legal education and the legal profession. LSAC's minority program grants take many forms, which are outlined below. For additional information about each of the programs, use the links or the contacts below.

Diversity Initiatives Fund General Grants

No set maximum amount
Contact: Kent D. Lollis,

For projects designed to encourage underrepresented groups to pursue legal education and to increase the enrollment and successful law school completion of minority students. Grant applications are reviewed twice a year and application deadlines are June 1 and January 1. The approval process requires review by the LSAC Diversity Committee and the LSAC Board of Trustees, and is completed within six months after submitting an application. For application materials, please send a written request to Angela Ross, .

Minority Regional Outreach Grants (Revised 7/2011)

Up to $10,000
Contact: Yessenia Z. García-Lebrón,

For outreach events in areas with significant racially and ethnically diverse students or areas not covered by LSAC Law School Forums. These funds also serve as an incentive for law schools to work together to promote interest in legal careers. Grant applications require at least three law school sponsors from the targeted area, but, if there are not three law schools in the area, state or local bar associations may be sponsors. Applications are received and reviewed at any time during the year, and should be sent at least three months in advance of the event. Months: Diversity Outreach for High School and Early College Students

Up to $2,750 total
Contact: Diversity Initiatives Office at 215.968.1338 or

Starting on January 15 through March 15, LSAC will be joined by law schools across the country to observe Months.

Your law school is eligible for a maximum of $2,750 to program events that address early outreach, awareness, and preparation aimed at racially and ethnically diverse students who are first- and second-year undergraduates. The LSAC Diversity Committee and the Board of Trustees hope that law schools will take advantage of this opportunity to extend outreach efforts to minority students in high school and those in the first two years of college. Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program

Up to $100,000
Contact: Kent D. Lollis,

This program is targeted to racial and ethnic students in the first two years of college who wish to develop the skills required to succeed in law school. Preference will be given to students who have registered for Each program establishes its own admission criteria and selects participants.

  • Listing of PLUS program directors (PDF)
  • 2012 Request for Proposals (PDF)

Native American Student Workshops

Up to $20,000
Contact: Kent D. Lollis,

For Native American population centers to develop programs that will generate interest in legal education and the law among high school and college students, involving their parents, tribal elders, and Native American lawyers when feasible. Proposals are accepted at anytime during the year. Proposals must, at a minimum, describe the plan for reaching Native American students, and include a program outline and a detailed budget. Program examples are available; contact Kent Lollis. Grants will be awarded until the amount authorized by the LSAC Board of Trustees is exhausted. Proposals subject to review by LSAC President, LSAC Board Chair, and LSAC Diversity Committee Chair.

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