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Interpretive Guide to Undergraduate Grading Systems

The Interpretive Guide to Undergraduate Grading Systems (IGUGS) has been developed to assist law school admission file readers by providing additional information about the various undergraduate school grading systems, policies, and degree requirements. Currently, only the front side of a transcript is provided with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Law School Report. Many undergraduate schools place the key to their transcript on the back side of the transcript, along with other notes relevant to the school's grading policies. In order to provide file readers with access to more information about college grading systems, policies, and degree requirements without generating more paper, we have made this data available online.

You can search for a school by name, LSAC code, state, or country. First, select which search you will use.

  • To search by school code, type in a code, click Search, and the school's name and search results will appear.
  • To search by state or Canadian province, select a state or province from the pull-down menu, then use the second pull-down menu to select a particular school, click Search, and that school's results will appear.
  • To search by school name, type the name of the school in the Enter School Name box (you may use a portion of the name; e.g., if you type in "Saint," all of the schools containing that word will appear in the Select School box below the name box. If a particular university has more than one college, they will be listed in the Select School menu.
  • To find information for a school in a foreign country, select the school's name from the Foreign Country School pull-down menu.

If the school has not provided grading-system information, a notice to that effect will appear.

Please note that a link to a list of regional accrediting bodies is included at the bottom of each Transcript Key screen. These accrediting organizations can provide further information about undergraduate schools.

If you have questions or need further information, contact:

  • Your LSAC regional team leader (member law school representatives only)
  • (username and password information)
  • (undergraduate/graduate school registrars only)