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Assessing the Effect of Multidimensionality on LSAT Equating for Subgroups of Test Takers (SR 95-01)
by Andre F. De Champlain

A Classical Test Theory Perspective on LSAT Local Item Dependence (SR 96-01)
by Lynda M. Reese

Comparison of LSAT Performance Among Selected Subgroups (SR 90-01)
by Linda F. Wightman and David G. Miller

The Effect of COMC on the Stability of LSAT Item Parameter Estimates (SR 93-01)
by Lynda Reese and Robert McKinley

The Effects of Dimensionality on True Score Conversion Tables for the Law School Admission Test (SR 92-01)
by Gregory Camilli, Ming-mei Wang, and Jacqueline Fesq

Formulation of DETECT's Conditional Covariance Parameter and Evaluation of Estimator Bias (SR 97-02)
by Louis Roussos, Lynda Reese, and Vincent Harris

A Formulation of the Mantel-Haenszel Differential Item Functioning Parameter With Practical Implications (SR 96-03)
by Louis A. Roussos, Deborah L. Schnipke, and Peter J. Pashley

The Impact of Local Dependencies on Some LSAT Outcomes (SR 95-02)
by Lynda M. Reese

LSAT Dimensionality Analysis for the December 1991, June 1992, and October 1992 Administrations (SR 95-05)
by Jeff Douglass and Hae-Rim Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign; Louis Roussos, Law School Admission Council; William Stout and Jinming Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

On Testing for Assumption Recognition (SR 97-01)
by Gilbert E. Plumer

An Overview of Nonlinear Factor Analysis and Its Relationship to Item Response Theory (SR 95-03)
by André F. De Champlain

Statistical Adjustments of Law School Grade Point Averages (SR 93-02)
by John W. Young

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