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The Art and Science of Admissions

Technology has become an integral part of admissions, from social-networking outreach to sophisticated database management. This science of admissions is useful in many ways—managing the pool, predicting yield, leveraging scholarship aid, and creating recruiting strategies. At the same time, art is required to be an effective admission professional—selecting the right applicants in composing a well-qualified and diverse class, talking one-on-one with candidates, advocating within and outside the law school, and creating websites and other informational pieces. The sessions at this conference will look at both sides of the admission equation with one track of concurrent sessions focused on technology and another track concentrated on the skills necessary to be an effective admission artist.

For those who want an update on LSAC technology, there will be a session during each concurrent block. For those responsible for maintaining and analyzing databases, choose the sessions created to update you on the science of your responsibilities.

To hone your artistic skills as an admission professional, sessions will center on professional development, negotiation, working with difficult people, and coordinating a school's marketing message. The nuts and bolts of admission have not been forgotten. Participants can learn how to create an effective survey, how to communicate with applicants through social networking, and of the possibilities associated with evaluative applicant interviews.

Selecting students is not just a numbers game, and one session will feature the art of reading an application while another will focus on communicating with Millennials. Sessions will look at undocumented immigrants as law school applicants, what law school admissions can learn from other graduate and professional disciplines, and the integration that exists between JD and LLM admissions.

The meeting will be held in Hollywood, and the planning work group has created a script for a successful experience for the directors, actors, and producers of your admission staff.

Dates and Location

The Annual Meeting and Educational Conference will be held June 1–4 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa in Hollywood, California. The conference begins on Wednesday with a reception and dinner. It will conclude Saturday evening with a special evening of dinner and entertainment, with departure on Sunday.

Hooray for Hollywood!

The site of the annual conference is in the heart of Hollywood—next door to the Kodak Theatre, home of the Oscars, adjacent to a large shopping mall with restaurants and night clubs, and down the street from the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame. You can see the individual stars of movie industry giants on your way to a tour of the stars’ homes and have your photo taken with one of the many superhero clones on Hollywood Boulevard. Nearby is a subway that will take you to downtown Los Angeles and the new LA Live complex. On Thursday night, we will go to Universal Studios for a tour, dinner, and some exciting rides and attractions. Take full advantage of this city venue in your free time!

One-Stop Shop — LSAC's New Consolidated Online Registration Process

Participants will now be able to complete the registration form, reserve a hotel room, and provide flight preferences to our Travel and Meetings Department, who will then contact you to make your flight arrangements through our Annual Meeting website. (See Arrangements for details.) All registrations must be received by Monday, April 18.

Give Green a Chance

To continue our efforts to reduce waste and lower costs at our annual meeting, we will not mail out printed copies of the registration brochure. If you need a paper copy and are not able to print one for yourself, please contact JoAnne Wieland at . Full programs will be distributed on site.

You will receive a water bottle to use during and after the conference. There will be water stations throughout the conference area. The cost of the refillable water bottle is the same as that of just two disposable bottles!