Law School Admission: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Uncertainty is now a watchword in law school admission. After Grutter, what strategies and practices are legally permissible to expand diversity? Getting students what they need to pay for law school may be affected by the fallout from the realignment of the relationship between institutions and lenders. The ways in which schools communicate effectively with prospective students keep shifting with technology advances. Universities exert pressures on law schools in their fiscal relationships and concern about rankings. A wave of students with disabilities is coming from college, and schools need to learn more about their special needs as law students. Expectations of legal employers are changing in response to the forces in the market place. Demands on admission professionals to respond to these challenges continue to grow.

Sessions at this annual educational conference will focus on how these challenges can become opportunities. Experts will offer strategies to develop legally permissible enrollment management practices. The political landscape will be explored as part of the conversation about aid for students. Participants can learn how to write e-mails that recipients will read and visit a virtual world where applicants and admission officers meet. Disabilities services professionals give advice on how to evaluate documentation in the admission process, and career services experts will look at employment trends and employer expectations. From the opening plenary to the final session, the emphasis is on practical advice and helpful strategies so that admission professionals can face challenges with knowledge and confidence.

Dates and Location

The Annual Meeting and Educational Conference will be held May 28-31 at the Marco Island Marriott Resort. The conference begins on Wednesday with a reception and dinner. It will conclude Saturday evening with a special evening of dinner and entertainment, with departure on Sunday.

Marco Island

Marco Island is the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands. A beachfront paradise located north of the Gulf Coast entrance to Everglades National Park, the island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and pristine wilderness on the other. Here you will find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, shopping, and dining. Water lovers will relish immediate access to both the Gulf and mangrove-lined estuaries for shelling, fishing, boating, bird and wildlife watching, kayaking, and canoeing.

Sea Turtle Nesting, May 1-October 31

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is a species protected by the laws of the State of Florida and Collier County. Some of its primary nesting grounds are located on Marco Island and the beaches adjacent to the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club & Spa. Marriott is committed to doing its part to assist with efforts to protect these turtles during their nesting season. One of the major issues recognized by the law as being important to the survival of the sea turtles relates to lighting on the beachfront areas. Excessive lighting on the beach is believed to contribute to the disturbance of nesting female turtles and disorientation of hatching turtles. For this reason, all official outdoor functions must conclude by 8:30 pm nightly. While at the resort you will see other initiatives being taken to ensure the turtles' protection.

We appreciate your understanding as we adhere to the laws protecting this endangered species.


Registration forms must be received by Monday, April 21; a late fee of $50 will be applied to registrations received after that date. Payment need not accompany the registration form, but must be paid to LSAC prior to or at the conference. Two representatives from each law school may attend for a per-person registration fee of $425, which covers transportation and meal costs. Additional representatives may attend for the same $425 registration fee, but must pay all of their own transportation costs. All participants must pay their own hotel expenses. Law schools are encouraged to send the chair or a member of the admission committee as one of their two representatives. Register online or by printing out the registration form.