2009 ESCON Tentative Schedule - Friday

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Friday, April 3

7:45 – 8:45 am

7:45 am – 1:00 pm
The registration desk will be open for questions throughout the day.

9:00 – 10:15 am
Concurrent Sessions: Select One

ACES² Features (Repeat)
Take a tour of ACES². Explore key features such as Applicant Status Online, Candidate Referral Service, and the new report interface. Examine the difference between various report types, and learn when to use Batch Update versus the Data Editing Grid. Visit underutilized features such as Recruit Events and the National School Profiles. Look at the various ways data moves in and out of ACES². As the tour comes to a close, share your observations, impressions, and ideas. Whether your school hasn't transitioned to ACES² yet or you've had it for a while now, this session will have something for everyone.

ACES² Security, PCI DSS Compliance, and You
What are the benefits of having a secure ACES² environment? What are the risks of noncompliance with PCI DSS? What threat does your web browser pose? How can your institution benefit from "secure" remote access (VPN)? Computer security is ever-changing. Constant vigilance is required in order to maintain a secure environment. Without basic understanding of security and the threat ignoring security issues poses, we risk exposure for ourselves and our institutions. This session will delve into these topics and more.

Social Networking—Risks and Liabilities
A number of universities are exploring social networking tools to reach out to prospective students and alumni and to build community with current students. We know that large numbers of students currently participate in online social networking communities, and this number will only grow in the future. Do we need to explore private social networking tools or can we leverage existing tools and web communities? What are the risks and liabilities of implementing this technology, and what can we learn from universities that already have online social networking presences? Without familiarity with this issue, we risk losing an important path of communication with our current and future students. This panel will explore what admission and IT officers need to consider when venturing into this arena.

Hot Topics (Repeat)
This session allows seasoned admission and IT professionals the opportunity to focus on the issues of greatest interest. Create your own agenda with your colleagues by submitting topics during the registration process. Members of the ESCON work group will convene the session and moderate the discussion.

10:15 – 10:30 am

10:30 – 11:45 am
Concurrent Sessions: Select One

Web Presence
Who owns the "look and feel" of your website? This session will be devoted to exploring the challenges and pitfalls involved with website design and maintenance. Do not miss an opportunity to exchange ideas with your IT professionals about designing the website of your dreams (and keeping all of the data current).

ACES² Tips and Tricks
Looking for ways to save time in ACES²? Do you know there must be an easier way to accomplish a certain task and can't figure it out? Do you have to hold down the Control key every time you want to open a report? This session will teach you solutions, short cuts, and even some new ways to use and manipulate data in ACES². Come with questions, be prepared to brainstorm, and, most importantly, share your ideas.

Do Your Admission Communications Measure Up?
How do you know if your message to prospective applicants and admitted students —whether it's through a website, e-mail, video, or visit to the law school—is getting through? This session will cover several ways to measure the effectiveness of communications and explore how to respond to what those measurements tell you. Topics will include analyzing web and e-mail statistics, surveys, and getting the most out of LSAC's Candidate Referral Service.

Development Cycle (LSAC and Law School Methodologies)
This session will provide a high-level primer for both admission and IT professionals on how to create, design, build, run, and decommission admission and/or IT projects. We will identify key steps in the process, various roles and responsibilities for team members, tools used, and suggestions for success.

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

12:45 – 2:00 pm
Concurrent Sessions: Select One

Going Paperless with LSAC (Repeat)
Are you tired of carrying heavy bags or boxes of files out to your car so you can review them at home? Has all the talk about "going green" made you more aware of how much paper you use in your admission process? Have you heard talk about law schools using a paperless admission process and wonder how they do it? Find out how your colleagues are using ACES² to read applications, review law school reports, make decisions, and admit a class. Discover what plans are being developed to further enhance the ACES² paperless process. This session will give you tips on what to consider before developing a paperless process at your school, including things to avoid, preparing your admission committee, reading applications online, scoring files, and computer security issues.

LSAC's Disaster Recovery & Service Optimization
LSAC's key accomplishments within the service delivery and service support areas has been capacity planning, modeling, and validation reporting for ACES². At this session, we'll review our approach and milestones as we've adopted ITIL version 2 best practices in capacity management and service-continuity management. We will also discuss our disaster recovery service continuity plan has been implemented, what it means to you, and how we accomplished this task in a short 6-month period!

How to Get the Report You Really Want
Getting the report you want shouldn't begin with Crystal, Access, Excel, or any other report writer. In this session, we'll discuss how to ask the right questions, plan in advance, and structure your data-collection efforts to meet your institutional goals. Find ways to consider carefully what you want to assess and what information provides relevant insight into your processes and activities. We'll review applications, how data is stored, and how that impacts your ability to evaluate your processes. We'll look at systems that successfully meet institutional goals. We'll hear from admission professionals who have successfully tailored their data-collection efforts and reports to answer the institutional questions they face.

iTunes U Stores, YouTube Channels, Google Apps, Wikis ... What Are All of These and Why Should I Care?
We've all heard the buzzwords. Law schools are implementing iTunes U, Wikis, and YouTube Channels in an effort to reach out and take advantage of students' use of these and other online sites. But what are they? How are they being used in legal education? Are they effective? How are they best marketed? Once they are implemented, then what? Who is responsible for monitoring, responding, and doing damage control when a not-so-flattering video is posted? This session will discuss and demonstrate law school use of these services. Audience participation in sharing your experiences is invited.

2:00 pm
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