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Geographic Guide to Canadian Law Schools

Enrollment represents the numbers of total full-time/total part-time students unless otherwise indicated. NA stands for Not Applicable. Population information was derived from the 2006 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada. City populations reflect the number of people residing in the city proper.

British Columbia

  1. Vancouver

    Population: 578,041
    University of British Columbia Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 542/11
  2. Victoria

    Population: 78,057
    University of Victoria Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 345/10


  1. Calgary

    Population: 988,193
    University of Calgary Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 307/0
  2. Edmonton

    Population: 730,372
    University of Alberta Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 515/4


  1. Saskatoon

    Population: 202,340
    University of Saskatchewan College of Law
    Enrollment: 293/7


  1. Winnipeg

    Population: 633,451
    University of Manitoba Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 300/15


  1. Kingston

    Population: 117,207
    Queen's University Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 467/14
  2. London

    Population: 352,395
    Western University, Canada
    Enrollment: 511/6
  3. Ottawa

    Population: 812,129
    University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 1,075/48
  4. Toronto

    Population: 2,503,281
    University of Toronto Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 600/13
  5. Toronto

    Population: 2,503,281
    Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
    Enrollment: 310/NA
  6. Windsor

    Population: 216,473
    University of Windsor Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 604/4


  1. Montreal

    Population: 1,620,693
    McGill University Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 621/19

New Brunswick

  1. Fredericton

    Population: 50,535
    University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law
    Enrollment: 230/NA

Nova Scotia

  1. Halifax

    Population: 372,679
    Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law
    Enrollment: 501/7

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