Future JD Students

What skills will law school teach me?

Although you may choose from several different paths to a good legal education, whether the law school you choose is public or private, large or small, faith-related or independent, stand-alone or affiliated with a university, you'll find that the basic curriculum focuses on certain legal skills required of all lawyers.

A legal education is designed to develop your analytical, creative, and logical reasoning abilities. Going to law school will also strengthen your reading and debating skills.

Lawyers must know how to analyze legal issues in light of the constantly changing state of the law and public policy. They must be able to advocate the views of individuals and diverse interest groups within the context of the legal system. They must be able to synthesize material that relates to multifaceted issues. They must give intelligent counsel on the law's requirements. Moreover, lawyers must write and speak clearly and be able to persuade and negotiate effectively.

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