Last Updated: January 20, 2011

ACES²: A Path of Continuous Improvement

The best ideas for ACES² enhancements come directly from law schools, as you work with the software and discover new ways this tool could further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your admissions management processes.

LSAC's Law School Support Services Group carefully reviewed your suggestions and presented their top enhancement requests to the Information Services Division Advisory Group (ISDAG) during the September meeting. The enhancements listed here, which are grouped by category and are not in any priority order, were confirmed by ISDAG as high priority requests.

Over the next several months, the ACES² development, quality assurance and project management teams will work diligently to implement as many of these enhancements as possible.

Please contact Jean Madden or your Regional Team Leader if you have any questions or would like to suggest additional improvements.

Top ACES² Enhancement Requests


In Applicants/Summary/Address, add a third e-mail field.
Ref: 451820

In Applicants/Status/Status History, indicate if a note is included in this section or add a mouse over or pop-up so schools can view the note without needing to open (edit) this section.
Ref: 426936 Complete

Data Extraction

When extracting data via API calls, the ability to update the Data Sent to Mainframe check box field would prevent this file from expanding each time data is extracted. Plus, schools would like to easily differentiate between new and updated records.
Ref: 371799

Data Imports

If an Other Applicant or Other Prospect Import does not successfully import all the records in the file, enable schools to identify the problem record(s).
Ref: 347669

Add the Decision Status field to the Other Applicant Import file layout.
Ref: 369356

Electronic Application Data Flow

Filter electronic applications (e-apps) through archives as they are imported into ACES². This will add the status history, contact notes, and other important information for re-applicants from prior years to the current year. Ref: 333719

Recruit Events

Allow schools to hide the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for prospects associated with recruit events.
Ref: 410087 Complete

Reports (general)

Schools expressed a preference to have conditions containing parentheses default to "and" instead of "or".

When a report is run for the first time, it should not have an associated default condition.
Ref: 426927 Complete

When running a report, the last condition moves to the top of the condition list. Instead, highlight the condition and have it remain in its position on the list.
Ref: 426925 Complete

Make the total number of reviewers (from the applicant evaluation screen) a reportable field.

Reports (e-mail)

Send test e-mails without being required to add the recipient to the ACES² database.
Ref: 426930

Before sending a broadcast e-mail to applicants (or prospects) display a pop-up or mouse over containing the conditions and current status value of the potential recipients.
Ref: 426931

Automatically update an applicant’s (or prospect’s) contact log after sending the e-mail.
Ref: 349299

Reports (word processing)

Automatically generate labels and envelopes when letters are generated.
Ref: 430777


When searching for applicants or prospects, specify at which tab the resulting record(s) should be opened. Thus, if the search returns only one record, you will see the desired information.
Ref: 426935

Add a Quick Search feature to locate additional applicants from within any applicant tab and arrive at the same tab when opening the resulting applicant records.
Ref: 426934