Last Updated: January 20, 2011
July 2010
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Fast Track to Flex-App
By Bruce Bachman

LSAC unveiled a new proposal at the 2010 Annual Meeting and Educational Conference this past June—the creation of a "flexible" law school application, dubbed the "flex-app." There was overwhelming acceptance of the idea at the town hall meeting where it was discussed. Of those schools who used "clickers" to vote on this matter, 93 percent indicated that they would probably use such a flexible application. With that kind of support and enthusiasm, and with a myriad of details yet to be resolved, LSAC will begin immediately on a fast track to complete this project for the 2012–2013 application cycle. Our goal is to have the tools in place for schools to develop their applications starting in April 2011.

Some History

When LSAC first launched the electronic applications service, it was important to both admission professionals and applicants that the electronic application look as much like the school's paper application as possible. That way, all applicants could be assured that they were treated the same way, no matter which of the two methods they used to apply. In addition, application reviewers would be able to read applications consistently. Over the years, applicants have become more comfortable applying to law schools through LSAC's online services; in the 2009–2010 application cycle, 98 percent of all law school applications were processed through LSAC's e-apps service. For the last several years, there has been some talk about creating a "common" law school application for every law school. The Services and Programs Committee discussed the concept of a common application at its spring meeting and charged LSAC staff with looking into the idea further.

The Concept

After conversations with a number of admission professionals and further consideration of the topic, it became clear that a truly common application would not work for schools because of the many instances where questions must be unique to the institution. Therefore, LSAC has moved away from the idea of a common application, but presented the concept of a flexible application instead.

In a so-called "flex-app," a great deal of the applicant's information would be common, but the school could define their own questions and other components to form its own unique application. This application would also be accessible by those who need to use screen-reader technology.

Further information on this project will be provided during the summer and early fall. The PowerPoint presentation given at the town meeting can be found in the annual meeting pages on If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact your Regional Team Leader.