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NOTE: To register for the Law School Forums, you must log in to your account. Law School Forum registration will be available in March for all forums taking place in 2012. Please note the registration deadlines (PDF).

2012 Law School Forum Schedule
Washington, DC June 16, 2012
Chicago, IL July 14, 2012
Bay Area, CA July 21, 2012
Atlanta, GA September 8, 2012
Miami, FL September 15, 2012
Houston, TX September 29, 2012
New York, NY October 12–13, 2012
Canada (Toronto, ON) October 26, 2012
Los Angeles, CA November 10, 2012
Boston, MA November 17, 2012
  • Forum Fliers
  • Forum Guidelines (PDF)
  • Forum Comparison Data for the Law School Forums
  • Forum Schedule

View a complete listing of 2012 forum dates, times, and locations (PDF), including links to maps and transportation.  Be sure to book your hotel room as soon as possible!

The LSAC Board of Trustees has waived the registration fee for member law schools for the 2012 Law School Forums. LSAC will also pay for the hotel room (plus tax) for one representative from each member school for each forum. The subsidized rooms should be booked by the forum contact during the registration process. Questions can be directed to .

Before You Go

Send in Your Rep List

Additional or substitute names may be submitted by phone or in writing until two weeks prior to each forum. Please forward your information to Katie Sutter:

Fax: 215.504.1443

Any later changes will be handled at the forum.

Help Promote the Law School Forums

Law schools can increase the number of candidates who visit their representatives at forums by joining LSAC in advertising them. Consider enclosing a Law School Forum Flier in mailings or including information about the forums on your school's website and linking to

Download the List of Forum Attendees

LSAC allows attendees to preregister for the Law School Forums. Many schools take advantage of querying the preregistrant data through ACES² 30 days prior to the forum and marketing their schools to preregistrants. If you have questions regarding querying the preregistration data, please contact your Regional Team Leader.

Pack Your 4-Foot Banners

As you may know, from time to time it is necessary for us to have 4-foot tables (instead of the standard 6-foot tables) in order to accommodate all interested schools at the Law School Forums. Be prepared for 4-foot tables in Los Angeles and New York—so pack your 4-foot banners!

Pack Your Viewbooks

To assist you in your planning, here are some recent forum attendance figures:

Forum 2010 2011
Atlanta 1,167 1,074
Bay Area 412 550
Boston 861 566
Canada (Toronto, ON) 715 899
Chicago 984 678
Houston 689 604
Los Angeles 1,348 1,170
Miami 715 738
New York 1,935 1,929
Washington, DC 1,071 784

(View specific data breakdowns.)

Prepare Your Registration Lists

Many law schools prepare lists ahead of time with the forum attendee registration numbers that will be used at a particular forum. For your reference, we will be using the following registration numbers for the forums.

Forum Online Prereg
Atlanta 40000–43999
Bay Area 94000–99999
Boston 55000–62499
Canada (Toronto, ON) 44000–47499
Chicago 47500–54999
Houston 88000–93999
Los Angeles 70000–79999
Miami 62500–69999
New York 25000–39999
Washington, DC 80000–87999

We are asking schools to assist us in our efforts to capture information about all potential applicants. If you see attendees in the forum room without name badges, please send them to the registration counters, as this will allow them to be included in the forum attendance data.

Send Your Materials to the Drayage Company

Drayage refers to the service provided to exhibitors that receive, store, and deliver your materials to your table at the forum site. George E. Fern Company has been contracted to provide drayage services for this year's forums, and a George E. Fern representative will be available at the beginning of the forum to assist those who use their services. To verify freight arrival or to obtain further information about drayage service ahead of time, call George E. Fern's exhibitor services department at 615.256.0357. Drayage information and table assignments are located at the links at the top of this page as they become available. Do not ship your materials to the forum hotel—hotels do not have adequate space available to store exhibit materials and often can't locate the materials in a timely manner. In all cities, materials must reach each drayage receiving site at least three days prior to each forum. Be alert when mailing your shipments, and make sure you're mailing boxes with the proper table number to the location.

Review the Forum Guidelines

All participating law schools are subject to the Forum Guidelines (PDF) promulgated by the Services and Programs Committee. Please give a copy to all representatives from your school that will attend a forum, and encourage them to become familiar with the guidelines. Important facts to note: table displays are limited to one foot in height, and only three representatives are allowed behind the table at one time.

Track Your Shipments

Utilize a shipping company that can track packages, and be sure that your boxes arrive at the drayage warehouse in time. Remember, you are responsible for tracking your own shipments. If there is a delivery problem with your materials, you must have the tracking number and method of shipment in order for them to be traced. In case of a delivery problem, we suggest that you hand-carry representative samples of your materials to the forum.

Purchase Additional Lunch Tickets

Two representatives from each participating law school receive lunch tickets. Additional representatives interested in purchasing lunch tickets may do so for $40 per ticket. If you are interested in purchasing additional lunch tickets, please contact Katie Sutter at , as only a small number of lunch tickets will be available for purchase at the forum. Payment for on-site lunch tickets must be made at the time of purchase by credit card or check only.

Review the Cancellation Policy

Schools may cancel their registration without penalty, however, you will not be allowed to query the forum preregistrants in ACES².

At the Forum

Visit the LSAC Staff

If you have questions on-site, please see an LSAC staff member at the Representative Information Counter. LSAC staff members will be wearing blue polo shirts so that we can be readily identifiable.

View the Schedule of Events

For everyone's convenience, there will be a schedule of events posted at the forum registration area and in the Representative Lounge area, with time and location of every "official" forum event listed. Under the forum guidelines, schools should not schedule recruitment events that conflict with forum hours. View the schedule for the forum, including Move-in and Move-out information.

Attend a Representative Reception

A representative reception will be held immediately following the forum on Friday in New York. Check the representative information board in the Representative Lounge area for the exact location.

Meet Prelaw Advisors

Prelaw advisors will be present at the forums to counsel attendees. They have been invited to join us for lunch during the forum and will also be allowed to partake of complimentary refreshments throughout. In order for you to easily identify prelaw advisors, their name badges will be marked with a blue dot.

Learn About LSAC Publications/Services

There will be a publications table next to the LSAC information table at most forums. There, potential applicants will be able to view publications prior to ordering them on the web or via phone. In addition, LSAC staff members are available to answer candidate questions about LSAC services.

Visit the Diversity Resources Table

Staff from the Diversity Initiatives Office will be at the Diversity Resource Table answering questions and providing information of particular interest to minority candidates considering careers in law.

Participate in Forum Workshops

If you are a workshop panelist, the cardinal rule for all workshops is, of course, not to promote one's own school. While your school will be recognized through your participation, the purpose of the workshops is to provide applicants with useful general information to aid them as they begin planning for a legal education. If you are interested in speaking on a panel, please respond to Anne Brandt's call for volunteers prior to the forums for the Financial Aid, Application Process, Forum 101, and Lawyer Panels; or contact Kent Lollis, Executive Director for Diversity Initiatives, at for the Diversity Information Panel. View the Forum Workshop Schedule.

Return Shipments

If you are shipping boxes back to your school, check with the LSAC Registration Desk to find out where express shipment packages are being gathered, or if you need UPS or Federal Express shipping labels and tape.

If you have logistical questions regarding the forums, please contact Gayle Patterson Withers, Coordinator of Forums and Meetings:

Phone: 215.968.1206

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