Law School Admission Council

No. 07-30

TO: Deans of LSAC Member Schools
Admission Officers of LSAC Member Schools
LSAC Council Representatives
LSAC Board of Trustees
LSAC Committee, Subcommittee, and Work Group Members
FROM: Ellen K. Rutt
DATE: April 25, 2007
SUBJECT: Call for Statement of Interest in Service on LSAC Committees

Members of the Law School Admission Council committees play a significant role in the development and implementation of LSAC policy. As a result, one of the most important functions of the LSAC Chair, with the assistance of the chairs of the Standing Committees, is the identification and appointment of volunteer committee members. This is a challenging and exciting time for LSAC. We are seeking the talents of a broad range of admissions professionals, faculty, and deans of member schools. We will attempt to balance continuity of membership and participation by new members while maintaining the Council’s tradition of excellence, diversity, and dedication.

The Council is best served by, and legal education benefits most from, the complete and effective involvement of interested and committed volunteers. Many of you are aware that in the past, we have had an “embarrassment of riches" - more interested persons than could possibly be chosen to serve, and this experience may well continue. Kent Syverud, as chair, explored ways to use more volunteers on work groups and special projects beyond the standing committee structure. I will continue this practice and I sincerely encourage you to give consideration to joining with us in the work of the Council. To facilitate the selection process, please indicate your interest in service by completing and returning the Statement of Interest form. You are also encouraged to submit a brief resume. Please send your statement of interest to:

Ellen K. Rutt
c/o Law School Admission Council
662 Penn Street
Box 40
Newtown, PA 18940-0040

It would be most helpful if I receive statements of interest and recommendations by May 23, 2007. You may also wish to submit the names of persons who would be interested in LSAC service. Persons recommended for service will be contacted by LSAC and asked to complete the statement of interest form.

Over the next two years, distinguished, dedicated, and experienced colleagues will lead LSAC committees. The names of these committee chair-designates and their committees are listed below. Working together, we hope to create strong committees that will continue the strong LSAC committee tradition.


Audit Committee
Committee Chair: Marjorie L. Girth
Georgia State University College of Law

Finance and Legal Affairs Committee
Committee Chair: Charles W. Goldner, Jr.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
William H. Bowen School of Law

Investment Policy Oversight Group
Committee Chair: William K. S. Wang
University of California Hastings College of the Law

Minority Affairs Committee
Committee Chair: Jannell Lundy Roberts
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University

Services and Programs Committee
Committee Chair: Susan L. Krinsky
Associate Dean for Admission, Financial Aid, and
Career Development and Lecturer in Law
Tulane University Law School

Test Development and Research Committee
Committee Chair: Steven L. Willborn
Dean and Schmoker Professor of Law
University of Nebraska College of Law

Click here to access the Statement of Interest form and descriptions of committees.


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