Prelaw Advisor Website Help File

Confidentiality Agreement
“LSAC receives only very limited consent from candidates to release personal information to prelaw advisors. As a result, LSAC may release such personal information only to those prelaw advisors who agree to maintain the confidentiality of that information. By electronically signing this agreement, you agree that you will use the information you receive through the Prelaw Advisor Action Reports, the Undergraduate Score Reports, and the Candidate Application Report solely for prelaw advising purposes, and that you will share that information only with others engaged in prelaw advising with a need to have access to that information, solely for prelaw advising purposes. You further agree that you will not release the personally identifiable information in those reports to other offices or units within your university that are not engaged in prelaw advising, or to individuals or organizations not affiliated with your institution. You will be asked to sign this confidentiality agreement annually.”

Summary Report
This report provides summary statistics for the school’s graduates. These statistics are presented for four groups: total graduates, senior graduates, non-senior graduates, and graduates who authorized the release of their personally identifiable information to the prelaw advisors of their degree-granting undergraduate institutions and who applied to at least one participating law school.

Applicant Report & Law School Report
These reports contain personally identifiable information for each school’s graduates. For each participating law school an authorizing subscriber has applied to, the final admission decision submitted to the Law School Admission Council is reported in one of the four categories below. The equivalent LSAC decision categories are also provided. Graduates who have applied for any term in the current year (2007-2008), or for any term in the five years prior to the current year, are included in those specific-year reports.

Decision Reported on Action Reports Decisions Reported to LSAC
MATRIC Matriculated
ADMIT Admitted
  Withdrew After Admission
  Deposit Paid
  Withdrew After Deposit Was Paid
W/D Withdrew Before Decision
OTHER No Decision Submitted
  Wait Listed
  Other Decision

Please keep in mind the following points when reviewing the Law School Report and the Applicant Report:

Law School Summary
This report provides summary statistics for each participating law school that received applications from at least one of your graduates. Data are presented for four groups: applicants, admitted applicants, matriculants, and applicants for whom some other decisions were submitted by the law school. The mean 120-180 LSAT scores and UGPA are provided for each category that contains at least five candidates. The absence of a Law School Summary for your school indicates that none of the participating law schools received applications from one or more of your graduates.

The decision categories of “admitted” and “other decision” are slightly broader in this report than those noted for the Law School Report and the Applicant Report. The “admitted” category includes matriculated decisions and the “other” decision category includes withdrew before decision.

Matriculated Applicant & Matriculated Law School Report
These reports list the law schools where applicants from your school enrolled for the year selected. Only applicants who have agreed to release their information to prelaw advisors will be displayed.